Best NFT Games Are Coming To Solana!!! These Will 100X!


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Happy Friday Again Fam! Earlier in today’s live, I expressed the importance of accumulating when prices are down. Right now, #SOL is priced at a discount due to the debacles they’ve suffered lately involving their blockchain. But wait! We aren’t focusing on #Solana today. Another pro move is accumulating strong projects in a promising L1’s ecosystem while things are looking bleak. You all know that I’m particularly bullish on #NFT gaming.

It is surely the main catalyst for mass adoption. That means that you all need to be looking around ALL corners. Today, I’m going to put you all up on game (pun intended ????) on some impressive games that are being developed on the #Solana #blockchain. Let’s be real, #SOL is facing some hard times at the moment, but it will more than likely be short lived. Like they say, don’t bet against Sam.

Even if Solana might not be ideal for #DeFi at the moment (allegedly), it’s still one of the best L1s for game development. It wouldn’t be right of me to not spread the word on some promising projects that are coming to the #Solana ecosystem. Like I said before, being early to the party is where you see the most gains. I’m delivering the #alpha. What you do with it is up to you.

00:00 = Intro
01:30 = Game #1
04:05 = Game #2
06:12 = Game #3
08:37 = Game #4
09:39 = Game #5
12:01 = Outro

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