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Best poker news of the week: Negreanu wins WSOP, Julien Martini, Lac-Leamy, Natural8 blocked

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Hello gamblers! A poker week was pretty interesting! Negreanu wins WSOP Player of the Year title by mistake, In the Canadian casino Lac-Leamy a lucky guy hit a jackpot of $ 500,000 and Natural8 blocked access for players from 12 countries. But first things first. My name is Vera! Let’s go!
Negreanu wins WSOP Player of the Year title by mistake

After the completion of the European stage of the World Series of Poker - WSOP Europe - the winner of the Player of the Year race was determined. After counting the points, which was earned by poker players throughout the year in the series' tournaments, Daniel Negreanu was named the WSOP Player of the Year 2019.
A world-famous professional gambler was extremely happy. It was important for him to win the honorary title after last year he was removed from the podium of the most profitable players in tournament poker. In addition, Negreanu is the only one who earlier managed to win the trophy the WSOP Player of the Year twice and become the owner of this title three times.
But ... the WSOP made a mistake.
As it turned out, Negreanu was accidentally awarded 213 points for getting into the cash of the online event of the World Series of Poker (Event # 68 $ 1,000 1,000 No No Limit Hold’em Championship), although in fact the poker player did not get into the prizes of this tournament.
Representatives of the World Series of Poker admitted that there was a technical error in the calculations and officially apologized to the players.
The WSOP 2019 player is Robert Campbell. The Australian got into the prizes of the bracelet tournaments 13 times this year, of which 6 times he played at the final table and twice became the champion.
As a result of the points recount, Robert Campbell topped the ranking of Player of the Year WSOP 2019, Sean Dib took second place, and Negreanu became third.
Well, next time managers should carry out calculations more carefully. I don’t know what Daniel Negreanu feels is this situation but we know that he is one of the strongest poker players in the world and next time he will definitely get this prize.
Julien Martini: From 0.5 BB to Champion Poker Masters Big Bet Mix

In the top 3 of the $ 10,000 Big Bet Mix tournament at Poker Masters 2019, French professional Julien Martini lost almost all of his chips. He has only 0.5 BB left on the stack. But this did not stop him from making a grand comeback and winning the victory. Moreover, it was important for the player to get a trophy.
In heads-up, Martini defeated the Austrian high roller Kahle Burns. But the most exciting struggle unfolded in the top 3, until the Dutch pro Jorryt van Hoof left the game after a triple all-in.

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