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Learn everything there is to know about dealing Pai-Gow Poker with this FULL video. That includes a brief history, the basics, the object of the game, how to set your cards the house way, poker hand rankings, the take and pay procedure, banking, what to do when the player is banker, commission, the dragon hand, the fortune bonus and envy bonus, dealing with dice, casino procedures and game security, protecting your game from cheaters, and more!



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Introduction - 00:12
How to Start Playing & the Object of the Game - 02:49
What To Do Once You Get Your Cards - 04:53
What Happens at the End of the Hand - 07:35
Taking & Paying Bets - 09:54
Paying Commission - 13:21
How to Play as Banker - 15:23
A Side Bet Called the Dragon Hand - 22:16
The Fortune Bonus and the Envy Bonus - 25:15
How to Play at Home with Dice & How to Deal the Game with Dice - 28:28
What the Dealer Should Know when Dealing Pai-Gow Poker - 33:00
How the Dealer Protects their Game from Cheaters & Machine Malfunctions - 36:44
Poker Hand Rankings for Pai-Gow Poker - 39:28
How to Set Up Your Cards for the Best House Edge, AKA the House Way - 44:05

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