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How to Deal Poker - The Poker Pitch - Mechanics - Lesson 3 of 38

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Learn how to pitch cards like you see poker dealers do in casinos. A couple of benefits from learning this correctly include dealing more hands per hour and avoiding different types of arthritis that result from a lot of dealing. Below are the pitch concepts discussed in the video.

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The steps:

Elbows in by your sides.

Palms face the ceiling, for the most part.

Angle (bevel) the cards in the deck slightly.

Fingers on the side of the deck stay at the same level as the deck itself.

Two types of pitches are taught in this video.

The primary pitch pushes the card partly off the deck. You grab the card with your thumb and index finger near the top corner of the card. Your middle finger finds its comfortable divot. Your middle finger projects the card. One of the challenges is learning the timing of when to release the card with the thumb and index finger and when to project the card with the middle finger.

The secondary pitch pushes the card out farther off the deck, and the thumb and index fingers grab the card more toward the middle of the card. This method gives slightly more control over bad cards or in tough situations.

For both pitches, turn your body in your chair to pitch in different directions as opposed to turning your arms.


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