How to Maintain Your Mental Health In The NFT Space w/ Jared Tendler - ZenChats EP#19


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Today on ZenChats, I'm joined by Jared Tendler, a mental game coach in poker, trading, golf, and business. Jared wrote 2 poker books, and in 2021 he launched his new book, The Mental Game of Trading, which can be super helpful for those in the NFT space.

We discuss all that you need to know about how to maintain your mental health while in the NFT space, how to deal with FOMO and high expectations, consciousness, and more.

If you're interested in maintaining your mental health while buying and selling NFTs, you must watch this video. We talk about his journey working with clients in more than 45 countries while he teaches us practical things that we can do to make better decisions while trading NFTs and to stay conscious about our choices.

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0:00 Intro
2:00 Who is Jared Tendler?
10:00 Fundamental Principles: What FOMO and emotions are doing to you?
18:45 Dealing with high expectations
24:20 Frequently Issues of Traders
33:30 Four stages of consciousness
44:06 How to prevent/manage/avoid Burnout
53:30 Jared Tendler Books and Webinars
01:00:40 Ending (Don't forget to Like and Subscribe)

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