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How to play card game 29 / Card Game

 Cards game

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This video is all about card game which is generally played in Bihar. There are 32 cards in this game. Jack have 3 points 9 contains 2 point 1 contains 1 point and 10 has 1 point but less then 1(ekka) . King has no points , queen has also no points .8, 7 has no points .just have look for this decreasing order j , 9 , 1 , 10 ,k , q, 8, 7, .
Rules are as follows :
There r four people in this game. Two of them are partner . Game starts from 16 and lasts on 28 . U and your partner have to achieve the point which is told by u or your partner . If u have k+Q and u made the colour then points decrease by 4 points. But if colour made by opponent then points increase. That's all .

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