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How to Play CHINESE POKER - Rules, Scoring, How to Keep Score

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In this video we'll show you how to play Chinese Poker including rules, gameplay and how to keep score.

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Chinese Poker is a great game, even for people who don't play regular poker. All you need to know to play is the basic poker hand rankings.

In this video we'll show you the basics of how to play Chinese Poker and how to keep score. You can play Chinese with 2-4 people and it's different from other poker variants like Texas Hold'em because there's no betting, raising or bluffing.

Instead, everyone agrees on a point value before the game begins, like a dollar per point. To get started, deal each player 13 cards. Now each player has to organize their cards into three poker hands.

Two of the hands have five cards and one has three cards. The three card hand has to be the worst poker hand and it goes in the front. It's called the top hand. The middle hand has five cards and has to better than your top hand.

It's called the middle hand. The third hand also has five cards and it has to be better than both other hands. It's called the bottom hand and it goes closest to you when you lay your three hands down. When you're done setting each hand, place it face-down on the table to tell the other players you're done.

When everyone's done setting their three hands, everyone turns over their cards and compares hands to see who beats who. Each player has to compare each of their hands to each hand of every other player. Start with the dealer and compare his hands to the player on his left.

The top hand is compared to the top hand, the middle hand to the middle hand and the bottom hand to the bottom hand. Each hand is worth one point and if a player wins all three it's called a scoop and there's a three-point bonus.

If you win two of the hands and lose one you win a net profit of one point. Then compare the dealer's hand to players 3 and 4. Next, compare player 2's hands to players 3 and 4. Then compare player 3's hands to player 4's and you're all done.

Each player has to keep their own score. At the end of the game everyone settles up with everyone else.

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