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How to play Gridcannon: a single player game with regular playing cards

 Cards game

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Update: I'm testing some rule changes! Read what's changed and why, and let me know if you try them: https://www.pentadact.com/2019-08-20-gridcannon-a-single-player-game-with-regular-playing-cards/#Update
- Original description -
Came up with this on Sunday, and with one tweak from me and another from my friend Chris Thursten, it's playing pretty well now! Here are the full rules: https://www.pentadact.com/2019-08-20-gridcannon-a-single-player-game-with-regular-playing-cards/

If you get it, you might notice I slip up and fail to kill the king of clubs when he should have died, but I re-kill him with the next play so it's fine. I was tired.

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