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How To Play Mafia (Card Game)

 Cards game

Video Details

This video tutorial will teach you how to play the card game Mafia.

This video will teach you the general concepts and game play for Mafia. This tutorial is perfect for beginning players, as well as, experienced players that need a refresher.

After watching, you will know the basics on how to play the card game Mafia. All that is left to do is grab some friends and start playing!

This Mafia tutorial will cover the following topics:

- The setup

- The deal

- The objective

- How to play

- A review of the rules

- How to win

Please leave a comment below if you need any additional information about Mafia, if you have any questions about the game, or if any aspect of the game was not clear in the video.

Thanks for watching!

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Date Added: 2020-07-31

Category: Cards game

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