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How to Play Poker | Ep. 2 - Hand Rankings

 Poker Hand Rankings

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From high-card to Royal Flush; here's a rundown of poker hand rankings.

Whether you want to play poker online or just want to play poker with friends, the How to Play Poker video series from PokerStars is a perfect beginners guide and a fantastic tutorial for learning the rules of Texas Hold'em poker, the greatest card game in the world!

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Ep. 1 - The Basics (https://youtu.be/CJ2inAz41S0)
Ep. 2 - Hand Rankings (https://youtu.be/xlBe4Ol1tZc)
Ep. 3 - Betting (https://youtu.be/iSy2hqJhRD0)
Ep. 4 - Bluffing (https://youtu.be/YWLnJWvvyAU)
Ep. 5 - Starting Hands (https://youtu.be/ozcS7YlWjUQ)
Ep. 6 - Position (https://youtu.be/iVqjNwJzl24)
Ep. 7 - Cash Games (https://youtu.be/lAk49B4sT9I)
Ep. 8 - Tournaments (https://youtu.be/sy4KPMhHxXg)

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Date Added: 2020-07-31

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