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How to Play Poker | Part 1 Poker Hands

 Poker Hand Rankings

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Poker is a game of skill, with elements of luck, where players bet against each other based on the value of the cards they hold. As the object of poker is to create the best hand possible, it’s vital you learn the hand rankings by heart.

The key to being good at Texas Hold’em, the most popular poker variant, is knowing the 10 different types of poker hands – and what value each possesses against all others.

Learn The Basics of Poker Hands: https://www.cardschat.com/poker-hands/
1. Royal Flush - 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace all in the same suit
2. Straight Flush - Five cards in a row, all in the same suit
3. Four of a Kind - The same card in each of the four suits
4. Full House - A pair plus three of a kind in the same hand
5. Flush - Five cards, all in one suit, but not in numerical order
6. Straight - Five cards in numerical order, but not in the same suit
7. Three of a Kind – Three of one card, and two non-paired cards
8. Two Pair – Two different pairings or sets of the same card in one hand
9. One Pair – One pairing of the same card
10. High Card – No matching cards

Learn How To Play Poker: https://www.cardschat.com/how-to-play-poker.php
• The dealer button, the big blind and the small blind are assigned
• Each player is dealt two ‘hole’ cards, one at a time, face down
• An initial betting round follows
• Three common cards, known as ‘the flop’, are dealt in the middle of the table face-up
• A second round of betting follows
• A fourth common card, known as ‘the turn’, is dealt face-up
• A third round of betting follows
• A fifth and final community card is dealt face-up, called ‘the river’
• The final betting round follows
• The showdown begins and a winner is determined

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