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How to Play War

 Cards game

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Not only is War a great way to pass the time with a friend, but it's so easy to learn that both children and adults can play.

Step 1: Deal the cards
Shuffle the deck and deal 26 cards to each player. Keep your cards face down and do not look at them.

Step 2: Flip the top card
Flip your top cards over at the same time. The card with the higher value wins, and the winner takes both cards, placing them face up at the bottom of their pile. Cards are ranked with the ace as the highest and two as the lowest.

Step 3: Continue playing
Continue flipping. When you reach the cards that are face up, shuffle your cards and start at the top.

Step 4: Declare war
If you flip two cards of equal value, war begins. Both players take a card from the top of their pile and set it face down on top of the first card, then take a third card and flip it face up. The player whose up card has the higher value wins all six cards.

There is no winning strategy for War; the game is based on chance.

Step 5: Continue the war
If the two new cards are also a tie, war is declared again and the process repeats until one of the players has a card of higher value. The first player to capture all 52 of the cards wins.

Did You Know?
European playing cards date back to 1377 and may have originated in China.

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