???? IMPORTANT CLASH vs Uzbekistan At FIDE World Team Championship!

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The FIDE World Team Championship takes place November 19-26, 2022, in Jerusalem, Israel. The format is a round-robin for teams with five rounds, followed by a knockout with the top eight finishers. The time control is 45 minutes for the entire game plus a 10-second increment starting on move one.

Round 3 : Azerbaijan vs India
Round 4: India vs Uzbekistan

Indian team:
GM Vidit Gujrathi
GM Nihal Sarin
GM S L Narayanan
GM Sasikiran Krishnan
GM Sethuraman S P
GM Abhijeet Gupta
Captain: GM Vaibhav Suri

India will take on Israel in the first round and Poland in the second round!

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