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(MAJOR CONTROVERSY) $350,000 Bad Beat Incident + Negreanu Transformation!

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This is a new weekly NEWS show where I cover what is happening in the poker world. Today I cover an incident that I talked about on Twitter involving a player on BetOnline poker site who hit a bad beat jackpot for $350,000 but mysteriously timed out on the turn. The website initially side they would not pay it out but after more discussion internally, decided they would. I also cover, Daniel Negreanu epic body transformation as the man is brand new. The World Series of Poker online has officially began as well as the great upcoming poker series featuring Party Poker/World Poker Tour, Pokerstars, and WSOP/GG Poker. I discuss the current state of live poker and live at the bike before getting into talk about popular twich streamer Reckful passing away. I wrap it up with JUST SOME GOOD POKER NEWS. Enjoy everyone and thank you very much.

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Date Added: 2020-07-31

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