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News From 2019 World Series of Poker: June 14

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Day 17 Update on June 14th from the 50th annual world series of poker
Probably the most exciting news to emerge from the Rio yesterday was Michael Mizrachi winning his 5th bracelet. The chants of Michael Mizrachi's rail echoed around the Amazon room from Event #27: $1,500 Stud Hi-Lo as he captured bracelet number five, becoming the most successful bracelet-winner of the decade.
The other champion to be crowned yesterday came in Event #28 a $1k No Limit Event with more than $340K up top. The man who came in with nearly half the chips in play is the man who walked away with the bracelet and we were tableside to capture his thoughts after play ended.
Coming into Day 5 of the Marathon there are 16 players left, and in the spirit of the marathon the 100-minute levels will continue until there are only 6 players remaining. Roman Korenev is the main to catch at the moment.
That star power at the Rio can always be found in the $10k horse championship which is down to just 7 players. Dario Sammartino will be looking to capture his first bracelet, but just behind him in chips is Scott Clements who has already won a bracelet this summer and 3 in total. Behind him in Greg Mueller and really with a variant like HORSE things can shift pretty quickly. All the players have about $55k locked up but with more than $425K up top you will not want to miss and you can watch on CBS all access or Poker Go starting at 1pm local time.
For those not glued to the $10K, I have to imagine you will be refreshing one of my fav tourneys of the summer. The $3k 6 max. There are currently 20 players from the original 754 battling for a top prize of almost $415K. There are three previous bracelet winners still in contention including chip leader Upeshka de Silva as well as Angel Guillen and Kyle Cartwright.
58 players remain in event 30 the $1k PLO. You can follow all the action on the PokerNews blog.
There are two day twos today as the Seniors return with a whopping fifteen hundred and fifty players still in the mix.
Event #33 the $1500 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw, is coming back today with 139.
Today two events are kicking off which included another early 10am start for the $1k Double Stack which already has close to 1500 entries
Finally the 10k Dealers Choice will begin at 3pm pacific time and should attract some of the most skilled players around.

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