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Online Poker LAUNCHES in Pennsylvania & more NEWS from the poker world!

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In this video we introduce a new member of the PokerNews team who is none other than Andy the Anchor and most definitely NOT Oliver Biles. Andy takes us through what has been happening in the poker world over the last couple of weeks including Daniel Dvoress taking down the $250,000 Super High Roller Bowl in the Bahamas, online poker finally launching in the state of Pennsylvania, Igor & Liv departing from PokerStars and the conclusion of the Poker Masters in which Sam Soveral crushed the competition to earn his first purple jacket.

This video also includes special guest appearances from Trevor Savage & Andrew Neeme:

Trevor Savage - https://video.chat.irish/raisingthenuts
Andrew Neeme - https://video.chat.irish/andrewneeme
Liv Boeree - https://video.chat.irish/livboeree

Oliver Biles
twix all in twitts!oliverbiles

0:42 - Sarah Herring takes a hiatus from PokerNews to deliver a baby!
1:35 - Daniel Dvoress takes down the $250,000 Super High Roller Bowl
2:35 - Online poker launching in Pennsylvania
3:00 - Trevor Savage discussing his experience of playing online in Pennsylvania
4:54 - Igor & Liv leave PokerStars
5:42 - Sam Soveral winning the Poker Masters
6:41 - Poker Tip Of The Vlog featuring Andrew Neeme

Date Added: 2020-07-31

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