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Poker Ranges Explained ???????? (Everything You Need to Know to Build your Poker Hand Ranges like a Pro)

 Poker Hand Rankings

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Poker Ranges Explained teaches you how the pros think about poker. Beginners think about their hand, Experts think about their range. Master the concepts in this video & start becoming a poker master!
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By the end of this video, you will know how to choose the best poker hands and combos to build your poker hand ranges in all situations. You will know how to rank hands preflop, how to rank hands after the flop, and how to rank hands on the river. This will help you identify which hands play best as bets, calls, bluffs, raises, and folds. Which all make you extremely tough to play poker against

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Poker ranges can be an intimidating and confusing topic at first. There are 1326 combinations of poker hands in no-limit hold'em and that's before the flop is even dealt. Once the flop is dealt the possibly combinations sky rockets to near infinity and the idea of knowing every minute detail can be very scary. That's where having a system is key, simplifying and grouping hands makes the process of building poker ranges easy and fun!

Preflop we rank hands by: whether or not we have a pair or unpaired cards, if our hand is suited or unsuited, how high the cards in our hand are, and whether or not we have a conenctor, one gapper, two gapper or more. This is quite clear, and fortunately there is a similar system we can apply for ranking hands after the flop.

Postflop we rank hands by: raw hand strength (flush, straight, set, two pair, pair), equity (% chance of winning), # of outs we have, future equity (chance of winning if pot gets big), quality of outs, backdoor potential (hidden extra draws), showdown value (chance of winning if we check down), vulnerability or resiliency (likelihood to stay best hand after next card is deal) and blockers.

By looking at these properties we can easily identify what our best, worst, and middle strength hands are and why. We can identify which hands are best to be played aggressively as bluffs or semi bluffs, and which hands can be played passively for winning at showdown and "protecting our range".

Combine the hand ranking with the mathematics of poker and you'll know what % of the time (what % of your range) you should continue with when facing a bet, and which hands are the best ones to use to make up that defending frequency %. This video will teach you how to construct ranges in poker, and how to combine poker hand reading, bet sizing, and range building to play a near GTO baseline style of poker. From there you can adjust to your opponent as you like.

Full List of Topics Covered in this video Include
-The benefits of optimal range construction
-How to create a balanced range
-When and Why you don't need to be perfectly balanced
-How to adjust your ranges against different opponent types
-How often you should continue vs various bet sizes
-Introduction to showdown value / non-showdown value
-Learn the properties of different hands
-How to rank hands based on situations in game
-What is a poker hand range and why it's important
-What exactly is range construction
-Range construction with the betting lead
-Range construction without the betting lead
-The Golden Ratio for various bet sizes
-Optimal value:bluff and bluff:value ratios
-Game Theory Optimal Poker aka GTO Poker
-What the Minimum Defense Frequency is (and when to apply it)
-What is a Linear Range in Poker
-What is a Polarized Range in Poker
-How to rank hands preflop (tiers + properties)
-How to rank hands postflop (key properties to consider)
-Introduction to stack to pot ratio
-How pot to stack ratio affects hand rankings
-What to focus on when playing shallow stacks
-What to focus on when playing deepstacked
-How to rank hands on the river
-How to build betting ranges after the flop
-6 Questions to ask when planning your poker hand

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