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Poker Strategy: How to learn Poker Hand Reading (for a beginner)

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Bart Hanson from Crush Live Poker takes a call where he talks a beginner through a course in basic poker hand reading.

If you want to call in with a hand or question for Bart email [email protected] during the week to presubmit. The show streams live each Monday at 4:45 P.M. PT. To keep updated of schedule changes to the live stream follow @CrushLivePoker on twitter. The stream may go on hiatus during the WSOP in the summer of 2019 (June through mid July).

To play real money online poker check out the app "PKC". PKC offers No limit Holdem, Zoom Poker, Short Deck and Splash Pot poker. Bart discusses the app here: https://youtu.be/19Lh5Rt3bDo

Download PKC: https://invite.30co.cn/pkc.php?code=5Y377 or from here: https://pkc.sw556.com/ and use the invite code "5Y377"

Instructions on how to register, deposit, gameplay etc, here: https://pkc.825u.cn/resources/

If you have any questions hit me up on “Telegram” @pkcbh

►►► Keep learning with me over at http://www.crushlivepoker.com/ Sign up for my poker training & improve your poker strategy quick over on my site! We have a 30 day free trial just go here: https://goo.gl/r9K1Rq or use the code YTA200 at checkout.

Find more of Bart Hanson’s Poker Training at:
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