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PokerNews Podcast LIVE with Vlogger & Poker Pro Johnnie "JohnnieVibes" Moreno

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Johnnie Moreno's journey in poker and life is fascinating. He started by uprooting his life in Ft Wayne, Indiana and moving to Las Vegas to pursue poker full time. He has been playing Mostly Cashfor the last 10 years in $5/10NLHE and some $25/50/100NL. 2 years ago Moreno took his alter-ego JohnnieVibes and turned it into a clothing and lifestyle brand that is committed to social consciousness and giving back called DeepVibes. He produces music and has used his life experience and creative drive to start one of the most interesting poker Vlog channels on YouTube. Join us for a LIVE interview and for more You can watch his Vlog series here: https://visio.chat.irish/channel/UC-1p67FDUSX3rTc2C3gOi8w

Date Added: 2020-07-31

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