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PokerNews Week in Review: Neymar Jr. Goes Deep, Bonomo Back on Top

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This was a wild week in online poker with the biggest names playing the highest stakes. Chad Holloway, Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt discuss the Super High Roller Bowl champion, the SHRB Online Series (a major upset to the wave of Viktor Blom victories), Highlights from SCOOP, Vegas Casinos opening and MORE!

02:30 | Super High Roller Bowl Bonomo and Addamo best H/U Ever?
06:30 | an Upset in the SHRB online Series
09:00 | Global Casino Championship reaction from Tye Stewart
14:00 | Is there going to be a Circuit stop in July?
16:15 | Vegas Casinos opening and some with Poker
21:00 | GGPoker
22:00 | SCOOP Neymar Jr Goes Deep
23:15 | Mike Watson Wins 6th SCOOP title
26:00 | partypoker Online Network Series
27:50 | Run it Once
31:26 | WSOP 2010 Reunion!!!
43:45 | Brandon Steven & Jarvis on Bubble Hand
47:45 | Dolan vs Cheong Huge Hand
53:30 | Thoughts on November Nine
58:00 | Remembering Soi Nguyen
01:04:30 | Jarivs vs the Grinder EPIC hand
01:08:00 | Duhamel on Busting Matt Affleck
01:11:30 | Cheong vs Duhamel Biggest Hand
01:14:00 | Where are they Now?
01:27:45 | Next Week…
01:29:38 | Oddschecker

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