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PokerNews Week in Review: WSOP Online, Kings Holds Live Tourney & RecPoker

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Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt discuss the latest news to come out of poker this week. The Poker Masters Online: PLO tournament series is littered with Scandi Sickos. Jeff and Sarah go over some of the potential snags with the WSOP.com online tournament series and how to avoid them…hopefully. Plus a look at the current state of poker in Las Vegas and Kings Casino holding poker tournament!! Maria Konnikova’s book is finally out and available.

Finally Steve Fredlund, Andrew Feist and Jim Reid comes on to talk about the state of RecPoker and what it is like to be a recreational poker player in the current climate. To join the community check out: https://rec.poker

01:20 | Poker Masters Online: PLO Series
06:37 | GGPoker
07:15 | WSOP.COM Online Series Preview
14:30 | The Biggest Bluff is finally available
15:40 | Vegas Opening Still
18:10 | Kings Casino Runs Tourney Series
22:10 | Fedor Ships Summer Series High Roller
23:40 | RecPoker Steve Fredlund, Andrew Feist and Jim Reid
24:30 | The Origin of Rec.Poker
33:00 | Thoughts on WSOP Online
39:00 | How to be a part of Rec.Poker
53:35 | Run it Once

Date Added: 2020-07-31

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