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00:00 - Intro Riot Racers Drop
01:12 - Project History
03:27 - Web App
05:17 - Whitepaper
07:01 - Fair Entry Strategy
08:35 - Game Assets
12:21 - Drop Details
14:07 - My Drop Strategy
19:00 - Best Freeroll Strategy

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In this episode, I get you ready for the up coming Riot Racers Drop! Drops are usually the cheapest option to get into a new project. This time around, they will be dropping Cars, Land Plots, Mechanic Shops, and Gas Stations.

Do you want to get into Play to Earn gaming? Want to get into more projects without increasing your budget? Stop wasting your money on mobile games and start earning side income today!

The Freeroll Channel is focused on Play to Earn gaming and helping those new to the field learn more about NFT/Blockchain gaming. We're following my journey to turn my favorite new hobby into a full time income stream.

Today, we are earning income playing Zed Run, Cryptoblades, and Axie Infinity. We've made investments and profits on several projects that haven't launched their games yet.

Music by GeriArt from Pixabay

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