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Texas Hold 'Em Poker Hand Ranks Guide

 Poker Hand Rankings

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Talking you through the hand ranks of Texas Hold 'Em Poker
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In our latest video guide, we're taking you through the hand ranks of Poker, specifically Texas Hold 'Em, although the hand ranks remain the same across most variations of Poker.

When it comes down to it, in Poker, you're only as good as the hand you're playing. Most confusion with Poker comes from players not understanding poker hands. If you want to know what the best play is, then you have to understand what hands are good in Poker.

Here's a list of all the hands broken down below in ascending order of importance:

- High Card
- Pair
- Two Pair
- Three of a Kind
- Straight
- Flush
- Full House
- Four of a Kind
- Straight Flush
- Royal Flush

The High card is simply a single card, with higher value cards beating those of lower value. Since the community cards are shared, only high cards in the player’s own hand will be relevant. Cards are ranked 2 - 10, then Jack, Queen, King and finally the Ace as the highest card. If 2 players tie on a high card, then the additional cards in their hand are used as kickers. If they still tie then the round is a draw and the pot is split.

A pair is two cards with the same numerical value. For example 2 Jacks. If 2 players have a compare pairs, then it’s whoever has the highest pair. If pairs are matched then the 3 kicker cards in their hand decide the round.

Two pairs consist of two cards of one value and another 2 cards of a different value. None of the suits need to match. If two players enter the showdown with 2 pairs then the higher pair is compared and the higher value pair wins. If the higher value pair is the same then the lower pair is compared. If both pairs match then the kicker is used to determine the winner.
Three of a kind is if where a player has 3 cards of the same value in their final hand. If two players have three of a kind then the higher value set wins. If it is matched then the kickers are used to decide the winner.

A Straight is where the player has 5 cards of sequential value. In comparing two straights the highest card is compared. If two players match straights with the same high card then they tie. It is worth knowing that the Ace can be used high or low in a straight but that it cannot ‘wrap around’ to create a straight of Queen, King, Ace, 2, 3.

A flush where a player has 5 cards of the same suit. The cards don’t have to be in sequential order. Two players with flushes are compared by the card values in their flush. Highest card wins. If they match on the highest card the lower cards of the flush are compared until a difference is found.

A full house a player with a pair and a three of a kind. The cards only need to be the same value, not the same suit. In comparing two full houses the three of a kind is compared first with the higher value set winning. If the three of a kind is matched then the higher value pair will win.

A four of a kind is when a player has 4 cards of the same value. If two players have four of a kind then the higher value set wins. If the values are the same then the fifth card’s value is used as a kicker to decide the winner.

A straight flush is 5 sequential cards, that all share the same suit. In comparing two different straight flushes the highest ranking card is used. In Texas Hold ‘Em it is not possible for two players to form an identical straight flush unless all five cards used are community cards, in which case the round would be a draw between all players who had not folded.

A royal flush is simply an Ace High straight flush and therefore the best straight flush possible and an unbeatable hand if one or more hole cards were used to create it.
Remember that these hands are in ascending order which roughly corresponds to the likelihood of being dealt each combination and no lower ranked hand can beat a higher ranked hand. So a royal flush will beat any other card combination and four of a kind 2s would still beat a full house with Aces full of Kings, and so on.

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