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The Poker Hand Hierarchy

 Poker Hand Rankings

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In this excellent Poker tutorial, we will explain to you all of the possible hands that you can get in this extremely popular casino game. This ranges all the way from the Highest Card to the famous Royal Flush.

Poker is an incredibly popular game in the casino industry. However, there are several different hands in Poker that can come into play. In order to play the game effectively, you need to understand the Poker hand hierarchy. Our excellent tutorial video will take you through all of the Poker hands that you get in the game of Poker, ranging from the Highest Card to the Royal Flush!

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0:00 - Poker Hand Hierarchy Introduction
0:25 - The Highest Card
1:07 - A Pair
1:29 - Two Pair
2:02 - Three of a Kind
2:23 - A Straight
3:08 - The Flush
3:42 - Full House
4:03 - Straight Flush
4:54 - Royal Flush
5:18 - Summary

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