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Sasha Salinger brings you the PokerNews Weekly Roundup for the week of February 13th. First up, PokerStars announced big changes to their Rewards Program. Watch to see what those changes were. "Giraf Ganger," currently ranked #4 online MTT (multi-table tournament) player in the world, organized a boycott of PokerStars' online Sunday $5K Progressive Knockout Tournament. Over 190 of the top online poker players in the world including Mustapha Kanit, Steve O'Dwyer, Jason Koon, and Chance Kornuth agreed to boycott the poker tournament. Watch to see if this boycott effected the tournament's guarantee.
Next up, a congratulations to the winner's of the first three US Poker Open Events. Stephen Chidwick won the $10K NLH event, Jordan Cristos took home the trophy for the $10K PLO event, and, lastly, Lauren Roberts won her first poker tournament! She took home over $218K and the trophy for the $10K NLH tournament. Congratulations to her!

Click below for all the latest US Poker Open Live Updates:

Lastly, watch to find out which online poker website is sponsoring Bill Perkins' Thirst Lounge.

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