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Week in Review: Phil Ivey News & Mike Matusow Drama

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Jeff Platt, Sarah Herring and Chad Holloway discuss the first week in the WSOP.com Online Bracelet series including a deep run from Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Platt and more! Matt Bode winner of Event #4 joins the show and drops some fascinating insights about the new school of poker. They discuss the public battle between Matt Berkey and Event #3 winner Robert "bustinballs” Kuhn. Plus a detailed look at the Mike Matusow rant/threat that had the poker twitter world lit. And of course the latest in the Borgata v Phil Ivey case that has been going on for years and years. Did they finally reach a settlement?

02:00 | Jeff Platt deep in Event #7 and Join his Twitch Stream!
04:00 | Phil Ivey vs Borgata Settlement
09:15 | GGpoker
10:15 | Phil Hellmuth Goes Deep in Event #1
14:45 I Negreanu Goes Deep in Event #2 & Gets lucky, then unlucky
(Hand of week article)
18:15 | Where has Jason Somerville been?
20:15 | Layne Flack back ;)
21:15 | Pokernews Discord Server launches bit.ly/PokerNewsDiscord
24:15 | Event #3
25:15 | Why “PokerHo" choses name “wiscomurray"
28:15 | Matt Berkey vs Robert "bustinballs” Kuhn Drama
31:05 | Matt Bode Event #4 NLH Super Turbo Champ with a great Story!!
32:30 | Matt Bode Joins Show
34:00 | Old school guys are overhyped, the new school with solvers and charts are just better
35:00 | Able to stay under the radar with no screen names
38:00 | DePaulo Gets Him Back into poker
39:00 | Stuffing it on Nitty-Pros
40:30 | “I know I’m good enough to hang with these pros and ‘spaghetti’ to my left basically gave it to me by folding all those big spots"
42:00 | “None of those guys were playing ninja poker. They were folding out for ICM pressure when there was a bracelet on the line. I was looking around like Oh my Gosh, nobody wants to play poker.“
44:30 | Run it Once
45:30 | Event #5
46:00 | Event #6
46:45 | Event #7
49:00 | Mike Matusow ignites poker community after threatening player who busted him
1:15:19 | OddsChecker

If you want to check out the coverage of the WSOP.com online bracelet series check out: https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2020-wsop-com-online-bracelet-events/

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