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NFT Guide For Beginners 2022 | My NFT Flipping Strategy For 2022
NFT Guide For Beginners 2022 Buying and selling NFT's has become increasingly popular over recent years but what are they and should you get involved? In this video I discuss my strategy for buying NFT's in 2022, This guide will also show you how to start out in NFT 's, what you should know before buying an NFT and where is the best place to buy and sell NFT's. There is also advice on NFT flipping and how to find the best NFT projects to buy. If you are completely new to NFT's then this beginners guide will hopefully help. ???? Links Opensea - Rarible - Mintable - ???? Other Links Free Shares ???? Trading 212 If you are in the UK and thinking about investing then why not open a trading account with Trading 212. If you use my affiliate link below we will both receive a FREE Share valued at up to £100 HYCBKMkd or use promo Code: HYCBKMkd if the link doesn't work Free Cryptocurrency ???? Coinbase (Free Bitcoin) ???? Crypto Dot Com (Free Crypto) Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $25 USD :) ???? BlockFi (Free Crypto) Use my referral link to earn $10 in Bitcoin when you deposit $100 or more into your account. ???? Fiverr This link is my Fiverr affiliate link and will earn me a small commission if you use the link to buy services from Fiverr. ???? Epidemic Sound All of the music I use in my videos is licenced through Epidemic Sound - for a free 1 month trial use the following referral link: Disclaimer: Although I do have a financial background, I am not a financial advisor so all the information in this and any of my other videos is for entertainment purposes only. Invest wisely and at your own risk.
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8 Cardano Play to Earn NFT Games for 2022
8 Cardano Play to Earn NFT Games for 2022 Play to Earn metaverse is the new hot topic for 2022 - Most play to earn games are Ethereum or BSC based, so I compiled a list of 8 CARDANO NFT Games that are in development for 2022 --------------- ► Socials & Learning The 'gram - Follow my tweets -​ CryptoCanvas - FREE shipping for USA My YouTube video editing course - --------------- ► Refferals and discounts Register on Phemex and get up to 100% Welcome Bonus - Register on Binance and get 10% kickback - Register on and get $25 FREE - Try CEX - Try Bilaxy - Make videos on LBRY and get paid in crypto -$/invite/@tonytctn:b --------------- ► Links • Check out part 1: How to earn crypto with writing - • Check out part 2: How to earn crypto by watching ads - • Check out part 3: How to earn crypto by making videos - • Check out part 4: How to earn crypto with affiliates - • Check out part 5: How to earn crypto with NFTs - --------------- ► Frequently Asked Questions - What NFT marketplaces do you use the most? Opensea, Rarible, Mintable, Superrare - What browser do you use? Brave Browser - What are your favorite P2E games? HodlGod, Mir4, Blankos Block Party --------------- ► Time Stamps: 00:00 It's no secret... I love cardano 00:55 Game #1 - Cornucopias (Metaverse) 02:15 Game #2 - Lil' Goats (Battle Royale) 04:01 Game #3 - Cardano 4 Speed (Racing Game) 05:13 Game #4 - Cardano Warriors (Runescape type) 06:40 Game #5 - Dracards (Trading Card NFT Game) 08:06 Game #6 - ADA Realm (Metaverse?) 10:15 Game #7 - Cardano Village 11:32 Game #8 - Novaseers (Galaxy exploring) #PlayToEarn #Cardano #NFTGames Copyright • Inspector Mindblow 2021
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Jogo NFT GRÁTIS DANDO MOEDAS! Como subir nível pra GANHAR DINHEIRO mais rápido no EVERY FARM (WEMIX)
✅ AIRDROP: PEGUE NFT DE GRAÇA ✅ INSTAGRAM: ???? Telegram do NFT LABs: Jogo NFT GRÁTIS DANDO MOEDAS! Como subir nível pra GANHAR DINHEIRO mais rápido no EVERY FARM (WEMIX) Jogo nft every farm está dando moedas pra todos! Corre! Lançamento game nft grátis pra gente jogar e ganhar dinheiro! O every farm é um jogo 100% gratuito pra jogar sem precisar investir nada. Com essas moedas vamos subir de nivel mais rapido pra poder sacar. No jogo nft every farm você vai conseguir ganhar dinheiro cuidando de uma fazendo e vendendo recursos e alimentos. Aqui nesse video vou te mostrar: Como começar gratis no every farm? Every farm dando moedas? Jogo nft every farm é bom? Every farm nft é grátis? Se prepare pra farmar tokens e ganhar dinheiro jogando every farm nft. ATENÇÃO: ESSE VÍDEO NÃO É UMA INDICAÇÃO DE INVESTIMENTO #everyfarmnft #nft #crypto #jogonftgratis #everyfarmnftgratis #EveryFarmFarm #Airdrop ________________________________________________________________ REDES SOCIAIS EVERY FARM: ???? Site: ???? Twitter: ???? Telegram: ⭐️ Discord: ???? Whitepaper: ________________________________________________________________ ???? TOP VÍDEOS: EVERY FARM NFT GRÁTIS LANÇOU! Veja como GANHAR ERA 7 NFT GRÁTIS PAGANDO BEM! NOVAS FORMAS de GANHAR! Novo NFT 100% GRÁTIS LANÇA HOJE! Saia na frente pra GANHAR FANCY BIRDS NFT GRÁTIS TA PAGANDO! Como GANHAR? JOGO NFT 100% GRÁTIS PAGANDO BEM! TOWN STAR JOGO NFT PAGANDO MUITO quase GRÁTIS! AAVEGOTCHI NIFTY LEAGUE NFT GRÁTIS PAGANDO BEM! Como GANHAR? ___________________________________________________________________ ???? NFT LABs O melhor canal de NFT GAMES do youtube! ???? Aqui vai ter muito vídeo informativo e gameplay sobre os melhores jogos NFT baseados em criptomoedas atualmente no mercado. No NFT LABs você vai encontrar: ???? Jogos NFT; ⚡ Play to Earn; ???? Cripto Games; ???? Jogos na Blockchain; ???? Jogue pra ganhar; ???? Free to earn; ???? NFT game. ???? Assine o canal e fique ligado! ???? ???? Jogos podem ser divertidos e também lucrativos. __________________________________________________________________ ???? Compartilhe esse vídeo com seus amigos: ???? Contato, parcerias e afins: ???? E-mail:
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Top Game Mobile NFT Miễn Phí – Chơi Game Ảo Mà Lại Kiếm Tiền Thật 2021 | #1
-Xem thêm game mobile mới tại đây nhé : --------------------------------------- #Topgame là kênh youtube về game đa dạng, đa nền tảng tại Việt Nam. Tuyển tập các web game mới, game hot, game hay và game mobile hay nhất các năm. Với nhiều thể loại phong phú như game chiến thuật, game nhập vai, game giải trí, v.v... các hoạt động diễn ra thường xuyên đáp ứng nhanh nhất nhu cầu của Game Thủ. Hướng đến cộng đồng Game Thủ đông đảo nhất Việt Nam hiện nay. --------------------------------------- 00:00 Intro Nha 01:05 Free To Earn 02:31 Axie Infinity 03:39 MIR4 04:39 Sorare 05:52 Binemon 06:50 Splinterlands 07:44 Town Star 08:47 Bomb Crypto --------------------------------------- Video liên quan : -Game mobile hay : -Game PC & Console hay : -Game offline mobile : -Game PC miễn phí cấu hình thấp : -Video công nghệ : --------------------------------------- Bấm Đăng Ký Kênh Topgame: ► Bấm Đăng Ký Kênh Gamerank: ► Bấm Like Fanpage: ► Tham gia Topgame Group ► Tin tức game hàng ngày ► ------------------------------------------- Nhớ Like Share & Subscribe Để Ủng Hộ Kênh Nhé! ------------------------------------------- If a video appears on our Channel and violates your copyright, please email us at " " and we will remove the embedded video promptly #gamenft #playtoearn #freetoearn
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